Monday, October 25, 2010


I think every person in the field of sales knows that feeling of having an unexpected sale. Just when I'm thinking where else could I possibly go to hit a sale, my phone rings and by some miracle that's a sale right then and there. Effortless. God bless that client for referring me to another potential client. You see that's the beauty of sales, there's a mystery to it everyday. No client encounter is the same as the other.

It may have been an effortless sale to begin with, but satisfying the client's request is the challenge. The deadline is pretty tight since it's an urgent requirement. The project would be put on-hold until the arrival of their order. Good thing it's a stock item and ride is available that time. My stars might have been aligned that day as there's no traffic on our way to the client's site. Needless to say, my delivery's just in time.

Unexpectedly (again), rain starts to pour as my colleague and I drive on our way home. It's almost zero visibility along SLEX and we're on hazard the whole time. Weather forecasts say we still have 6 typhoons to hit the Philippines within this year. It's highly important for those, who like me, spend most of their days working in the field to take extra caution especially when driving. I've seen several vehicular accidents only within a week's time. So please do be careful whether you're the driver or a commuter.

PS: Isn't it cool that JAC Liner is a WIFI zone?! Surfing the net while in traffic? That sure is better than being stuck with nothing.;p

Monday, August 2, 2010

Today's Prayer

A beautiful prayer I just found as I was de-cluttering my emails.

Most of us, including myself, easily get into the whirl of the workplace. We wake up in the morning, hurriedly eat our breakfast (some even don’t), and rush to the office. We tend to exaggerate the effects of that caffeine we usually take during the day. It’s nice and not to mention healthy to slow down a bit. Do some reflection and feel God’s presence and control…yes, even in our workplace. May God be with us all and keep us productive always.

Day 1: Monday (Morning)

There goes my morning bus.

I failed to catch it this time and I could only look longingly as it started to speed away. I was just a few seconds late. I was already on the other side of the road when it started moving. Nevertheless, I was late. Period. I consoled myself that it would be better to wait for the second trip since the first one was already packed with standing passengers. It would be great to get a seat and still catch on some sleep. Besides, I was already late. Nothing more to lose.

It took 15 minutes for the second trip to arrive. So much for my luck…this bus was as full as the first one and I had no choice but to get on and stand all the way to Makati. Argh…just when I was carrying sample items for the client! Where were the gentlemen when you needed them? Oh…there they were, all asleep, or so they seemed. Guess it really wasn’t my lucky day. I gripped on the steel bar on top of my head to maintain my balance while my other hand clutched my stuff…desperately. I was only half way of my ride, but my heels are already starting to kill me. Still, it had always been a choice to wear them. Why? Because it felt good…as if my confidence level suddenly doubled the second I put my feet on them.

At last the high-rise buildings of Makati started invading my view. I was almost there. Not much traffic…thank God! I hailed a taxi after getting off at my bus stop. It felt so damn good to finally put down all these stuff and settle on to something soft, comfortable, and spacious. If I wasn’t lucky with my bus ride, it was the opposite this time. The taxi driver patiently waited for me while I ran towards it. He gave me a warm smile while I started fixing myself and my things inside.

Me: Manong, sa #168 Salcedo st. (Mister, to #168 Salcedo st.)
Mr. Taxi Driver: 168, ma’am? Divisoria yun ah! Hehe! (to 168, ma’am? But that’s in Divisoria! Hehe!)

Divisoria is another place way, way far from Makati. An experience there merits another entry.

This taxi driver had a sense of humor and it was pretty relaxing laughing with a stranger on a busy Monday morning. He pulled off to building # 168 and offered me another smile as I handed him my payment.

As I got inside, I was immediately escorted to my contact person. He was the engineering head of a known construction company handling several projects scattered in our area. You see, I had been pursuing this account for the longest time. But like a “pakipot” girl, he kept on loving the chase. Well, I already decided not to give up on this because I know how big this account is and anyone on sales would agree that such an account is worth the wait and persistence. I could be a determined suitor until his sweet “yes.”

I was then introduced to the officer in charge of materials. At least I was starting to know the key personnel for this account and he was also recognizing me as a potential supplier and trainer. He gave me the requirements for accreditation and also a preview of their company’s needs and expectations of their partners and suppliers.

After that brief meeting with the officer in charge, I was called privately by the head engineer. He was having his “yosi” break. It was just a casual talk with him. The formal business talk no longer existed in this setting. There he said he would help me out to get their account as long as I help him out as well. I knew he could so I said yes. I left crossing my fingers.

My next stop was just a few streets away from the first company I went to. Again, I was lucky with my taxi driver this time. He knew exactly where we were going. It was my first meeting in here. The big boss was not available to see me so she referred me to her assistant. That assistant of her was such an angel! She was very nice and accommodating, very professional to talk to. I was inspired then to do my job better, to fully serve their needs. She was asking questions clearly signifying that this company cares for the safety and well-being of their workers. I could then already sense the buying signals. I could feel it- this is bound to purchase soon.

The last taxi I got into that day was playing “Put a Love in Your Heart” on the radio. That made me think that love really is THE ingredient for anything and everything. It was a rushed Monday morning, but it ended up just right simply because I’m loving what I do.

We usually just thank God for Fridays. Why don’t we praise Him for Mondays as well?