Monday, October 25, 2010


I think every person in the field of sales knows that feeling of having an unexpected sale. Just when I'm thinking where else could I possibly go to hit a sale, my phone rings and by some miracle that's a sale right then and there. Effortless. God bless that client for referring me to another potential client. You see that's the beauty of sales, there's a mystery to it everyday. No client encounter is the same as the other.

It may have been an effortless sale to begin with, but satisfying the client's request is the challenge. The deadline is pretty tight since it's an urgent requirement. The project would be put on-hold until the arrival of their order. Good thing it's a stock item and ride is available that time. My stars might have been aligned that day as there's no traffic on our way to the client's site. Needless to say, my delivery's just in time.

Unexpectedly (again), rain starts to pour as my colleague and I drive on our way home. It's almost zero visibility along SLEX and we're on hazard the whole time. Weather forecasts say we still have 6 typhoons to hit the Philippines within this year. It's highly important for those, who like me, spend most of their days working in the field to take extra caution especially when driving. I've seen several vehicular accidents only within a week's time. So please do be careful whether you're the driver or a commuter.

PS: Isn't it cool that JAC Liner is a WIFI zone?! Surfing the net while in traffic? That sure is better than being stuck with nothing.;p

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